Terra Magazine is a new triannual comics magazine featuring work from more than a dozen of Australia’s best writers and artists, including: Tom Bonin, Ben Michael Byrne, Michal Dutkiewicz, Jason Franks, Jason Fischer, Greg Gates, Nicholas Hunter, Leigh Kuilboer, Bruce Mutard, Luke Pickett, Jason Paulos, Harry Purnell, Jan Scherpenhuizen, Christopher Sequeira and Yuriko Sekine.


Terra will feature serialized stories in a variety of genres: science fiction, crime, fantasy, horror and historical drama. The opening line-up includes:


Kensuke, a samurai fantasy drama.

Gourmand Go, a twisted space opera.

Tusk, an illustrated prose feature about a world dominated by a race of telepathic elephants.

The Catamorph, in which two police detectives run afoul of ancient Egyptian magic.

Shadowmancy, the story of the son of a bad seed sorceror’s quest for power.

Gun Smoke Bud, a yakuza crime/suspense story.

Ben Byrne’s Tales, a humorous and gruesome look at a dystopian future populated by cyborg lunatics and run by an out-of-control military complex.


Terra Magazine will be distributed to newsstands throughout Australia by Gordon and Gotch. The magazine is published by Black House Comics and produced by Black Glass Press.


For more information about Terra Magazine please go to: http://www.terramagazine.com.au


Terra #1 cover

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