Lady McBlack in 2013

Lace up your boots, lads and lassies, because McBLACK VOL.02: LADY McBLACK is coming your way in 2013 from Black House Comics.


During the Oberg case, McBlack’s arms dealer friend Lila Bodicker was killed in an unprovoked attack by a mixed municipal soccer team, the Western Reapers–but Lila’s three sisters, Laura, Layla and Lauren don’t believe it. They set McBlack to the task of discovering what really happened–if he can survive long enough. Because whoever had Lila killed does not want the Bodicker sisters to find out what really happened and before long McBlack himself is being hunted in the streets.


Unlike the stand-alone ONE SHOT and TWO SHOT colour annuals that were published in 2011 and 2012, LADY McBLACK is a 3 issue B&W miniseries/graphic novel that continues the story begun in McBLACK Vol.01. The new volume is written and pencilled by Jason Franks, with inks by Dave Gutierrez and a backup feature illustrated by Aly Faye.


We will also run a letter column through the serialized three issues… If you send us some awesome letters. Send all correspondence to and indicate that it’s okay to publish, if you want to see your name in print. If not… Franks might just make something up and sign your name to it.



As a further treat, the McBlack webcomic, serializing Old Smiley’s adventures that are alread in print, will be resuming on tomorrow starting with “The Delucci Bambino”, the short published in last year’s CRIMINAL ELEMENT anthology.

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