The new Blackglass Press KAGEMONO horror anthology is shaping up nicely; should be ready for print next month. The book will be an 84 page trade paperback featuring a cover by Nicholas Hunter and work by 12 indie creators:

“Trauma Ward”

8pp, by Percival Constantine and Carl Yonder


“Yum yum, it’s the end!”

5pp, by James Andres and Luke Pickett


“The Devil’s Vintner”

12pp, by Jason Franks and Renan L’Hopsum


“Conspicuous Consumption”

6pp, by Justin Jordan and Yuriko Sekine


“The Smart Toilet”

6pp, by Dino Caruso and Jeff Womack


“Blood and Shadow”

8pp, by Jason Franks and Yuriko Sekine


“Seen and Heard”

8pp, by Jason Franks and Carlen Lavigne



10pp, by Jason Franks and Brendan Halyday


“Pretty Bird”

10pp, by Jason Franks and Richard Butler



10pp, by Jason Franks and Nicholas Hunter

Werewolves, bad medicine, a cubano gangster under a curse, vampires, hoodoo blues, malicious ghosts, a closet that grants wishes, a chocolate apolcaypse, the world’s smartest toilet, and necrophilia. Enough blood, cutlery,  viscera, depleted rounds and megalomaniacal laughter to choke a horse with a large and… somewhat unusual… apetite. 

Previews and ordering information to come in the following weeks.

Peace, love and head explosions, baby,

— JF

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