Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, troglodytes and troglodettes,


Blackglass Press is proud to announce the newest volume of Kagemono, Flowers and Skulls.


Flowers and Skulls features 22 horror stories from the depths of space, the moshpit, the farmyard, the swamp, the suburbs. Yakuza wives and bike-obsessed rednecks, comic collectors and interstellar gourmands, music fans and veterinarians, vengeful priests and toyshop lunatics. Evil sorcery, wartime atrocities, barroom botany, casual drug abuse, bad relationships and ill-advised business deals.  There might even be a zombie outbreak or two.


Flowers and Skulls will be a 138 page trade paperback, black and white, colour covers. Edited by Jason Franks, cover art by Nicholas Hunter:


Cover by Nicholas Hunter

Flowers and Skulls is brought to you by more than two dozen creators from Australia and around the world, including Russell Lissau (Batman Strikes), Christopher Sequeira (X-Men vs Vampires), mpMann (Inanna’s Tears), Jan Scherpenhuizen (Wolverine: Doombringer), Lou Manna (The Phantom), Paul Bedford (The List), Bobby N. (Digested), Trevor Wood (Sawbones), Jen Breach (Sawbones),  Dino Caruso (Acts of Violence), Jason Franks (The Sixsmiths), Alisha Jade (CC Around), Bernard Caleo (svengali editor of Tango), Dwight Williams, Renan L’Hopsum, Antonio Goulart, Yuriko Sekine, Harry Purnell, Nicholas Hunter, Brendan Halyday, David Richardson, Gerard Dwyer, Richard Butler, Leigh Kuilboer, Sam Romero, Carlen Lavigne, Luke Pickett, James Andre, Tim Twelves and David Scherwood.


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