Hard Words Soundtrack




1. Reach, Dave Bove
2. Position Of Trust, 4Arm
3. Night Terrors, Aphasein
4. Who’s Rattling The Skeletons?, Duke Steelcraft
5. Being There, Marita Ryan

Download the entire EP as a single MP3 here.



Dave Bove (USA)

Hailing from New York, Dave Bove currently lives and performs his acoustic folk-style music in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

4Arm (Australia)

4ARM is metal band based out of Melbourne Australia. Their sound, which various publications have titled ‘Groove-Core’, is influenced by Slipknot, Slayer, Metallica and Machine Head. Their sound is distinctive, explosive and musically aggressive. Their debut album, 13 SCARS, is available now.
4ARM are: Danny Tomb (vocals and guitars), Michael Vafiotis (drums), Andy Hinterreiter (bass), and Johnny Glovasa (lead guitar).

Aphasein (USA)

When two dashing young lads, Xrei and Evix, discovered their mutual love of 8 bit music they decided, like Victor and Frankenstein, to cobble together some industrial-strength video game music. After years of experience, experimentation and general mayhem the happy monster Aphasein was born. Enjoy. And don’t be afraid to get any on you; it’ll soak in eventually.

Duke Steelcraft (USA)

Multi-instrumentalist Duke Steelcraft lives and records in the Tampa Bay region of Florida. The hard rocking “Who’s Rattling the Skeletons?” is from his first album, the genre-hopping SHOW YOUR GUSTO.

Marita Ryan (Australia)

Marita Ryan began her musical journey in the mid to late 1990’s when she she joined the band Bodicea, an all women band that at the time were described as “moody dark pop” with a “strong rock element”. After Boadicea disbanded she joined trash rock outfit RoboNERD!, bringing a hard rock edge to the band’s electronic musings.
Marita’s musical style has been described as a mix of PJ Harvey, Cat power and Elliot Smith, but her influences range from 1980’s pop right to the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Swervedriver, and Sleater Kinney. Marita’s current, solo work is almost the opposite: gentle acoustic songs of love and life.

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