Criminal Element




In association with Black House Comics, Blackglass Press is proud to present CRIMINAL ELEMENT:

Ten stories about crimes and the criminals who commit them. Gangsters, demons, burglars, nurses, hitmen, saboteurs, slavers, bounty hunters, and furniture salesmen. The mean streets, a post-apocalyptic plague world, a tram depot and war torn Vietnam. The past, the present, and the future. Includes a McBlack short, ‘The Delucci Bambino’.

Edited by Jason Franks. 66 page TPB. Colour cover by Jason Paulos.

ISBN: 978-1-921872-13-6


“Daily Grind” (w) Russell Lissau (a) mpMann (5pp)
“Revenge is Mine” (w) mpMann (a) Jason Copland (6pp)
“The Delucci Bambino” (w/p) Jason Franks, (i) Dave Gutierrez (5pp)
“Who’s the Boss?” (w/l) Jan Scherpenhuizen, (p/i) Leigh Kuilboer (6pp)
“Sex Slave” (w/a) Jason Paulos (8pp)
“Sleeping Dogs” (w) Dino Caruso, (a) Jae Korim (1pp)
“Small Things” (w/a) Bruce Mutard (12pp)
“Old Timer” (w) Dino Caruso, (a) Vic Malhotra (6pp)
“Mr Ex” (w) Jason Franks, (a) Brendan Halyday (6pp)
“Life of Crime” (w) Bernard Caleo, (a) Alexis Fischler (8pp)

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